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Responsible Supply Chains in ASIA


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Tools and Guides on responsible businesses

The ILO brings together governments, employers and workers of 187 member States, to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work and social justice for all women and men.  It has developed tools to guide governments and businesses on how to work towards this shared vision, among them, the MNE Declaration

1)  The MNE Declaration


The Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (the MNE Declaration) is the only ILO instrument that directly speaks to companies in addition to governments and employers’ and workers’ organizations. The MNE Declaration reflects the consensus of governments, employers and workers on five key areas where business contributions can have the greatest positive social impact: general policies, employment, training, conditions of work and life and industrial relations.

The Declaration recognizes the distinct roles of multinational enterprises (MNEs) and governments, as well as ways in which employers’ and workers’ organizations can contribute.  It provides detailed guidance to companies on labour and social issues with a  focus on coherence between public and private policies to ensure maximum impact. The Declaration also promotes dialogue between MNEs, government and employers’ and workers’ organizations on issues of mutual concern; and it explains how governments can create an environment conducive to maximizing the positive contribution of business.

Get the summary and full text:

MNE Declaration in Thai

MNE Declaration in English


2) The ILO Helpdesk for Business


The ILO Helpdesk for Business gives advice on how to align business operations with principles of the MNE Declaration. The Helpdesk provides an individual assistance service to respond to specific questions and a website which features ILO tools and resources for business.

Want to know what issues other companies have raised? We have the answers. Have a look at our questions and answers section on key issues on the website.

ILO Conventions and Recommendations have become the main international reference on labour for most codes of conduct, whether company, industry or multi-stakeholder, transforming how companies manage their operations globally, including their supply chains.

Other international standards on responsible and sustainable business, such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the UN Business and Human Rights Guiding Principles and the UN Global Compact Principles, all draw directly from the MNE Declaration and International Labour Standards.

How do you make these commitments and principles a reality? Use the Helpdesk to find out more.

The ILO Helpdesk for Business Website is the gateway to all ILO information relevant to enterprises.

·         It provides an overview of the range of labour issues.

·         It consolidates the practical tools and resources ILO has developed for companies.

·         It contains replies prepared by the Experts Team, organized by topic.

·         It posts information on upcoming ILO events, meetings, webinars and trainings.

Learn more:

Do you have a question? Contact or phone +41-22-799-6264.

Helpdesk in Thai

 Helpdesk in English

3) A neutral place to talk for companies and trade unions

As part of the dialogue approach underlying the MNE Declaration, companies and trade unions wishing to use the facilities of the ILO as a neutral place to discuss issues of mutual concern can contact the Helpdesk at: